In May 2012, the Centre was involved in the earthquake that struck Emilia Romagna, suffering serious damages to all structures.

It was therefore necessary to transfer the activity to prefabricated structures that were built in an area near the damaged facilities.

With the donations it was possible already in the summer of 2012, to build 3 prefabricated facilities to welcome the children in early September without interrupting the activity.

Today we are here


Nearly 5 years after the earthquake, the Centre is still waiting to start the renovation. The long design phase is over and the bureaucratic paperwork necessary at the beginning of the work is being finalised. Their timeline is estimated to be around 4 years.

It's a really long time, a time that requires patience and a trust that that must be renewed every day. We hope that the works will soon start again, as we need a tangible encouragement for adults and children to tolerate this long wait.

In recent years, we have received the solidarity of many common people, entities, associations, groups that have allowed us to interrupt our activity and ready the area to which the Centre has moved to host our activities, though as a temporary solution and within the constraints of smaller spaces. Our gratitude goes to all of them, and we promise to stay together to celebrate the greatest endeavour: rebuilding the Centre. A special thanks also goes to regional councillors Giancarlo Muzzarelli and Palma Costi for the focus they have devoted to our case and the efforts made to help us get out of this difficult situation.

The donations that have not been used for countless works required by relocating to prefabricated houses will now fund the costs that are not covered by Emilia Romagna for post-earth reconstruction.

We will keep you informed about any developments.

Once again, a big thank you to all those who have supported us and continue to do so.