The theatre pervades the entire experience of our children, as it integrates with the various work and study activities.

The experience of children at La Lucciola revolves around an element of “theatricality in the daily life” given the presence of features characterising everyday life: gestures - rituals - mimic - vocality. Rituals pace the various moments of the day: arrival, departure, start of activities, meals. Vocality is promoted with games, exercises, music, and motor activities to help children who still lag behind acquire the primary awareness of being the author of their vocal gestures.

Gestural expressions, usually a habitual communication method, is initially introduced to support children who do not understand the verbal linguistic system; as such it has favoured the development of dramatic representations created spontaneously during the course various activities carried out by children, which translate into visual images, mimicking the words with bodily gestures, in silence.

Then there is an actual theatre programme, initially introduced from a request from the children to stage their own problems and better understand their personal struggle, and later turned into more complex performances.

Inspired by classical works, chosen in relation to significant themes for the group, they are sometimes staged for an audience. Some titles:

- Don Quixote
- The life of St. Francis
- A Midsummer Night’s Dream
- The myth of Pegasus and Perseus
- The Minotaur.