This is how children call the room where they find the teaching materials, the notebooks, the selection of documents on many topics studied over the years. Little school is about learning, making experiments, reading and writing using different codes and instruments.

At the Centre all learning always starts from concrete experience: with the body one learns about weight, space, distance; objects are used to experience direct and indirect causality links; activities allow to learn time and the transformation of matter. When these experiences are repeated, day after day, in a slow time that allows them to be stored in memory, then in many children, at different times, rises an authentic desire to know in a more formal way.

From the question “Who am I?” stems the drive to know how the body works (brain, skeleton, muscles, intestines, eyes, etc.), and on to how the world works: first the surrounding world (the river, the animals, the plants and the vegetables in the garden) and the larger world (history, geography, outer space).

It is a widespread opinion that, after a certain chronological age, learning abilities come to depletion. Instead, this time can be extended to reach older people from whom nothing would be expected in terms of acquiring new abilities and skills. Even though this may take a very long time, nevertheless new ways can be opened in the mind to pave the way to the symbolic ability allowing to gain access to formal knowledge.