The Centre "La Lucciola" was founded in 1987 by some Paediatric and Adolescent Psychiatry and rehabilitation operators with long experience in local AUSI services in Modena with the target of providing an effective therapeutic response to children with disabilities and their families. 

A long reflection on the traditional approach to the care of children with disabilities has brought about a new model - which is constantly revised and fine-tuned on the field - of therapy, whereby theoretical skills and technical competence are no longer deployed in the traditional sense, but rather are decoded and filtered through real life experiences.
Being with children in the material context of common and shared work and agreeing to meet with their emotions was instrumental to introduce significant changes in their thoughts and behaviours. 

Thanks to a pursuit of knowledge integration techniques and methods are used differently, not only in the treatment of children and the approach to their families, but also in terms of institutional organisation, teamwork and resource management matters.
The group takes place in a very specific setting. The location is quite extensive and consists of a house designed and built to be at once a mental and physical place, a place of attraction and containment.
The arrangement of the physical space, the choice of closed or open volumes and boundaries, doors, furniture, objects and their perspective and sensory properties was made in such a way that the aesthetic, emotional, perceptive and sensory impact immediately relates to the children without any verbal intermediation, letting them know that this physical and mental place is for them.
Time is expanded and includes different frequencies, from one full fixed day per week to several days per week and residential periods.