The Centre's facilities described in this section of the website are those prior to the earthquake of 29 May 2012. To find out about the current situation, go to Il sisma 2012: oggi

The Centre is divided into four different buildings.

The Villa

The Villa was refurbished in order to become a true residential home, and is where the core activities take place. 
The premises are arranged in such a way to make it simple to understand the function of each room, and the natural flow from one environment to the next and from one floor to another: these aspects are fundamental to fostering the daily life experience for children/adolescents.

Next to a central room with a large fireplace, which is the heart of the house and where the group meets in a circle and has lunch every day, there is an entrance room, an intermediate lobby (which can also be used as a music room for small groups of children), a hydrotherapy bath, a suitably equipped kitchen for children, a community kitchen, and a pantry. Upstairs there are a theatre, the classrooms and the vocational rooms equipped with computer tools, a library, and bathrooms of different sizes.

Other laboratories

Next to the main building there are other renovated buildings housing a ceramic laboratory, a workshop for the processing and production of traditional balsamic vinegar, a carpentry workshop, a large atelier for music therapy and graphic-pictorial activities, and a greenhouse.

Outdoor spaces

The main building, which has retained the architectural and decorative value of a 19th century mansion, is surrounded by a large forest where some clearings and areas can be used for various outdoor activities. Inside the Centre ground there are also animal enclosures (sheep, a donkey, hens), a large vegetable garden and a vineyard.