Along the ancient shores

Concerts in villas and castles along the Panaro river.

Since the summer of 1997 every year in June the Province of Modena and the Association of Sorbara Municipalities have organised a music programme taking place in the parks of old noble mansions located along the Panaro river. One of the in Villa ex Bonasi Benucci, the seat of the Centre.

The river, its water idly flowing across the Modena plain, the cool of the evening and the villas, ancient residences of long-ago aristocrats, an heritage of unsurpassed beauty and architectural value, with magnificent courts and gardens. This legacy is still ours and current, and its ancient taste stands as a backdrop to the music, which echoes from one bank to the other for all those who want to escape the frantic pace of our time and saviour the taste of the past.

At the end of the concert the Centre is open for guided tours.


A childhood rhapsody 
Poetry and music in children

On 2 April 1995, at Teatro Michelangelo, Modena, the students of the Antoniano Theatre Academy of Bologna read poems and compositions by the children of La Lucciola.

A childhood rhapsody offers a sample of the hundreds of poems that the children have improvised on, during the first years of the Centre; the idea was to provide an absolutely unique and extraordinary account of the reality in which children with disabilities live today.

The poems were written as instinctive chants children create during their therapeutic experience, which adults wrote down the very moment in which they were created. This is why the melodies and rhythms of these compositions are lost for good but the words remain.

A rhapsody is an epic song, literally meaning stitching a song together. Our children stitched together, either whispering or screaming, their fears, cries, pain, dreams, hopes of growth and the barrier of loneliness shattered by blossoming sweetness.