The Integrated Therapy Centre for Children “La Lucciola” is a rehabilitation centre open to children and adolescents from 3 to 18 with physical, intellectual and multiple disabilities: cerebral palsy, neurological syndromes, Down syndrome and other genetic disorders, intellectual disability, autistic spectrum disorders as well as behavioural disorders.

The treatment activities

Attendance frequency may vary from a minimum of one day per week up to a maximum of 5 days per week. 

The therapeutic activity does not take place in the form of individual treatment session, but rather it focuses on group activities for children where therapeutic and rehabilitation approaches are put at the service of completing functional tasks having strong significance for each child, according to an ecological approach to development.
Said activities include:

  • group psychotherapy
  • cooking workshop
  • daily chores (cleaning, tidying up, etc.)
  • gardening
  • animal grooming
  • vegetable gardening
  • ceramic and felt workshop
  • learning at various degrees of complexity
  • carnival workshop
  • music
  • basketball
  • theatre
  • seasonal activities connected with farming, festival and holidays and Centre traditions 

The group is not only the organisational structure of all Centre activities, it first and foremost represents a place for exchange, communication, and identity development. This is why groups are always managed in a therapeutic perspective, regardless of the activity at hand.

The therapeutic activity also includes counselling to families and, when requested, to teachers and other pivotal people in our children's lives.

Consulting and short treatment cycles

The particular structure of the Centre - in terms of both professional competence and operational model - allows us to provide consulting services and observation cycles in order to single out effective approaches and recommend deployment methods in support of children and adolescents, particularly in the daily, family life as well as in education. 
Consulting and short cycles are agreed from time to time with the child's caregivers and family.