5 October 2002

Seminar - The thrill of the word

Chair: C. Jacoboni

The thrill of the word
E. Lamacchia - Paediatric neuropsychiatrist

Knowledge and wisdom
G. Nicolini - Head of Caritas - Bologna Diocese

Philosophy in the kitchen
F. Rigotti - Philosopher

Stories, myths, poetry
C. Bologna - Philologist

The affective thought
F. Marcoli - Psychoanalyst, social analyst

Speechless. Harp melodies
D. Burani - Harpist.

26 May 1997

Seminar - Voice and childhood

Chair: C. Jacoboni

Address from the Rector of Modena University, C. Cipolli

A. Kawara - Soprano

Listening, between the said and the unsaid
F. Pozzi - Psychoanalyst

Thinking the culture of childhood
S. Nordio - Paediatrician

The voice of disabled childhood Thought models, a historic overview
A. Gidoni - Paediatric neuropsychiatrist

The presence of voice Anthropology and metaphysics of voice
C. Bologna - Philologist

A space for voice between rehabilitation, pedagogy and psychoanalysis
E. Lamacchia - Paediatric neuropsychiatrist

A. Bencivenni