Centro di Terapia La Lucciola produces Traditional Balsamic Vinegar of Modena. For many generations in Modena many families have produced balsamic vinegar according to an ancient tradition and keep it in the attics of their homes. Making balsamic vinegar is a long job requiring constant care and a lot of patience: good vinegar needs 12 or even 25 years to age perfectly.

This precious vinegar is called Aceto Balsamico Tradizionale di Modena, the adjective TRADITIONAL tells it apart from other vinegars.
The production methods are special and have been handed down for centuries. The final product stands out for flavours and scents that distinguish it from industrial products.
Only those who have been able to taste this vinegar can understand the value of this product and the difference in taste that characterises it in comparison with non-traditional balsamic vinegar.

The vinegar production at Centro di Terapia La Lucciola is the result of the passion for the product matched with education and care of children.

La Lucciola helps children struggling to grow, discover the taste for life, be restored to their vitality with the help of competent, enthusiast adults who know how to share the pain: it is a work based on patience, constant attention, vigilant wait.
The balsamic vinegar production process has evocative analogies with the growth process of children.
Slow is the time require for human beings to ripen, it takes 15-20 years to become adults; 15-20 are the years needed to produce good traditional balsamic vinegar.

The cellar at the Centre is managed by Cooperativa Sociale La Lanterna di Diogene.

Children take part in grape harvesting and pressing, both vital steps along the production of the must, which is the basis of balsamic vinegar.